They call them the Brex it Girls

I know that it might sound strange, but at the moment the escorts service in London is quickly heading towards a crisis. It will probably make you laugh a bit, but a lot of Polish escorts in London are being called the Brexit Girls. Of course, all of this refers to UK possible exiting the Eu some times this year. Lots of the escorts services in London are worried about how it would affect them if their Polish escorts would have to go back home. Aland, who runs an escorts for couples service in London, says that most of his girls are from Poland.


the naughty ones of escorts for couple 

Polish escorts are very popular in London says Alan, and all of the best girls who work for my escorts for couples service are Polish. I would love to have other girls working for me as well, and I do have some British girls, but they are not that great when it comes to special services. To be honest, it is not only my couples service that would be affected, it would be my duo dating service as well. Most Polish escorts are a bit more open minded, and this is why they are sought after here in London.

Most escorts services in London do rely heavenly on escorts from other EU nations. British girls did use to work as escorts, but these days it is tough to recruit them for the escorts service. As a matter of fact, I can only think of one or two girls who are British and work for escorts for couples service. The same thing goes for party girls as well, many of them are from other EU nations. Thinking about, we could lose a lot of escorts in London if a NO vote goes through in the referendum.

Escorts for couples is a rather unique service and to work it successfully, you need to have lots of experience. It would take me ages to train up British escorts for the service, and I am not sure that British girls are into that sort of thing in the first place. I know that in the US, the escorts services have had a hard time finding escorts to work for special services such as duo dating. It seems to be a bit of a global problem actually, and you do have to recruit from other sources if you want to provide a good quality service.

I know that the escorts service in London is kind of the forgotten industry. No one really speaks about stuff like duo dating and escorts for couples. If the government bothered to take a look at how much money they earn from the escorts service and adult industry in London, I am sure that they would be much more keen to listen to us. This is part of the reason, it is so hard to recruit for the service. Many people think it is not a real job, and the sort of job you can actually make a career out of.

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