Get a Better Sex Life – Dejunk Your Diet

Would you like to improve your sex life? If that is the case, you should take a look at dejunking your diet. Our modern day diet, is full of food additives and unfortunately, they affect our sex lives. You may think you are having a hard time getting up because you had a drink, but the truth is that you hormones may be out of whack. I asked a couple of girls at Ealing escorts, if any of their gents complained about erection problems, and I was not surprised to find out, that almost 6 out of 10 men suffered from varius erection problems.

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Our hormones are metabolized in the liver, and this is where the problem starts. The liver is one of the busiest organs in the body, and also helps the body to digest food. When we don’t eat right, we often find that the liver does not have time to deal with the hormones as well, and this is why gents at Ealing escorts, and other gents, may have erection problems. The best thing you can do, is to make your diet less complicated and eat simpler foods.

Breakfast is still the most important meal of the day, and I was no surprised to hear that a lot of gents at Ealing escorts only have a coffee and then may have a cooked breakfast. You are not doing your body any favors here at all, and what you should be doing, is to eat properly in the morning. One of the best things you can have in the morning, is a big bowl of fruit, and then you can enjoy something like a bit of toast with honey. Honey is naturally anti-inflammatory and will lower levels of inflammation in the liver. At the same time, it will lower your PSA value, and help you to sleep better.

A complicated diet makes your body work that little bit harder, and it means that your energy levels fall quickly. It is worth taking a look at the rest of your diet as well, and eating fish and just vegetables for lunch is a good idea. Potatoes are okay, but it is hard work to digest potatoes when you have eaten protein, and ideally you should eat potatoes and vegetables on their own. That will certainly give your more energy, and make your liver work less hard.

Not all of the girls at Ealing escorts were keen to pass the information on to their gents, but a couple of the Ealing escorts who knew their gents very well, did indeed recommend the Better Erection Diet as I like to call it. Does it work? If you are willing to give it ago, you will soon find that it will improve your erectile function and at the same time, improve your liver health. But that is not all, on top of that, your prostate will become a lot healthier and you will lose excess weight. How is that for the ideal diet for all men out there?

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