Croydon Escorts

Not all Croydon escorts are porn stars but I have discovered that a couple of the Croydon escorts that I date also star in porn movies like the girls from I don’t have a problem with dating Croydon escorts turned porn stars as it makes my time with them even more special special. Mind you, I have to say that if you do decide to date porn star Croydon escorts, you do have to pay a bit more but I don’t mind that.

Most of my mates can’t believe that I date porn star Croydon escorts, and the vast majority don’t even believe there are porn stars in Croydon but there certainly are and I just love them. Some of the girls that I date on a regular basis are incredibly hot, and I can understand why they have become porn stars. One of the girls, Lina, has even been offered parts in American porn movies but she is reluctant to move to the US. I hope she doesn’t because she is one of my favorite regular dates, and she is incredibly sexy.


I am not sure if it is her real name but she does use it for her pole dancing sessions and her porn movies. In her porn movies she is into some really hard core acting, and you will even see her doing stuff like DPs. It is amazing action and I wonder if she is into DPs in real life.

I have always wanted to ask her as I would just love to do a DP with her with my best friend. However, I know that she is a sexy companion and I can watch but not touch. Believe me, this is something that can get really frustrating when you just want to get really physical with your escort or companion for the night.

Lina is not the only Croydon girl who is into hard core porn action, there are many other girls as well. I would love to date them all but I am afraid that my budget does not stretch to dating all the porn stars in Croydon.

Some of the girls who have become Croydon porn stars, will only date certain guys and they need to have really deep pockets as these girls expect a lot of from their dates. It is a bit unfair as many of these girls may not have had the opportunity to become porn stars if it wasn’t for their dates. Dating taught them a lot about sex and porn, and I do wonder if they will always be able to stay porn stars.

I am, however, happy dating Lina and we have a really great time together. She is just one of those ladies who can offer you some serious adult fun, and give you an opportunity to experience many new pleasurable things.

Lina is my favorite escort but I do date others as well. I hope that not all of them will become porn stars as I don’t think I would be able to afford dating them. One porn star is enough for my bank balance.

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