Contraception Depends On Your Status

Contraception is a subject many people find difficult to discuss. As a person who has actually researched contraception, I would say that it depends on your status. If, you are married, it is a good idea to use the Pill but if you are single, you should use condoms and perhaps take the Pill as a health benefit.

A group of London escorts and I said down to discuss the pros and cons of contraception. Of course, all London escorts agree with me that singles should use condoms, but we started to discuss the Pill in detail. It surprised me that so many London escorts did not know about the many health benefits of the Pill.

As we sat there talking, I explained to the group of London escorts about my friend who had started to go through the menopause at an early age. I told the assembled London escorts that she wanted to have kids, but for some reason she had not met the right guy. Well, all of a sudden she met THE MAN, and decided to get married and have kids. When it didn’t work, she went to the doctors and he told her she was showing signs of the menopause. She called me and was very upset, but having the back up of an entire lab of different services and ideas, I knew exactly what to do.

It was time to put her on the Pill, and trigger ovulation again. And it worked! After six months on the Pill she came off and ovulated again, and baby one and two followed quickly.

Health benefits of the Pill

My London escorts friends and I am not a great believer of other hormonal treatments but I believe in the Pill. It can not only help with the peri-menopause but many other things as well.

Of course, if you are single you should use condoms but ladies taking the Pill are normally healthier. So, here is a little question and answer session on the Pill.

Do I put on weight when I am on the Pill? No, you don’t. The hormones contained in the Pill do not affect your weight or make you eat more. As a matter of fact, your hormones will be regulated and you will therefore have better control.

Does it give me blood clots? Only if you are a smoker, but most medications would do the same thing. Any medication is more risky if you are a smoker say London escorts .

Does it give you migraines? It can do but if that happens, it means that you are on the wrong pill. Just change your pill and you will be fine.

Does it give me cancer? Rubbish … it regulates your hormones and therefore protects you against cancer. Some cancers, breast cancer, may respond oestrogen in the pill but you can change the hormone mix in the Pill.

Does it reduce my bust size? No , it doesn’t. Most women on the Pill suffer less from breast related disorders and they also say that they are happier with the bust size.

Many women have made an enemy of the Pill without knowing the full facts. The truth is the Pill can seriously protect your health. Remember this, more men develop prostate cancer from having vasectomies than women suffer harmful effects of the Pill.

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